Amazing team!! They did a move out cleaning for me, and they did top to bottom cleaning for me and the house looked spotless! Thank you so much BCS!!!
— Kaitlin R. in Killeen, TX 4/17
The owners of Butterfly Cleaning Services are dedicated to ensuring quality service at a fair price. I’m constantly impressed by their professional and personal ethics and their passion for caring for the homes of their clients.
— Ursula P. in Harker Heights, TX 4/17
The owners of Butterfly Cleaning Services are knowledgeable and professional with everything they do. You will be extremely pleased from the moment you set up an appointment, while they are in your home, and even after they have left. They are a business that is bringing customer service back!
— Austin D. in Belton, TX 4/17
My family has used Butterfly Cleaning Services for regular everyday cleaning to full move out cleans! They are amazing! You would not be disappointed! They are so friendly and professional and get the job done right! Love them!
— Jennifer C. in Harker Heights, TX 4/17
I had the best experience with Butterfly Cleaning. Great customer service and professional cleaning. I recommend this company if you want your house to look amazing.
— Cheri K. in Killeen, TX 3/30/17
It is a wonderful company and business. The owners are wonderfully kind. The employees work hard and make sure everything is done and clean.
— Zoe B. in Fort Hood, TX 3/28/17
Tonya is very passionate about her work and takes pride in each job. Highly recommended.
— Jackie H. in Killeen, TX 3/28/17
Love everything about this company. Very professional and they do amazing work!!!!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
— Brock S. in Killeen, TX 3/27/17
The ladies show up this morning with smiles on their faces ready to make my house beautiful... it was awesome! They were absolutely fabulous! Everything was done exactly how we wanted it to be done. They took their time and moved things, they really cared about how it looked. I highly recommend BCS, very professional, very kind ladies!! Will definitely have them back!!
— Elizabeth G. in Harker Heights, TX 3/25/17
Great service and great team work. Been using BCS for seven years now. They have done exactly what I asked. As a full time working professional it is so nice to come home to a clean home. Call and ask for an estimate today, you will not regret it!
— Becky I. in Killeen, TX 12/16
Having a busy lifestyle I tend not to dust my house as often as I should. I called Butterfly Cleaning Services to come in and do a full house clean on my home. When i got home from work I was amazed with the work they did. They picked up all the stuff on my dresser, dusted underneath, and arranged it all nice and neatly! Along with that, they did an outstanding job on the rest of my home.
— Justin R. in Killeen, TX 12/16
I have been working with Butterfly Cleaning Services for 9 months and I greatly enjoy my job and the wonderful ladies I get to work with on a daily basis. Also, Tonya and Rob are great bosses to have. :) I truly am proud and grateful to be a part of such an awesome team!
— Jessica S. in Killeen, TX 10/28/16
I just wanted to let you know that ****** did a fantastic job today cleaning my apartment. It’s so nice to come home to a clean smelling house. She really did a wonderful job. Thank you!
— Bleu G. in Copperas Cove, TX 2/19/16
I would like to have ***** for my future house cleaning person if possible. She did a great job and would like to have her return.
— Pete C. in Harker Heights, TX 2/3/16
Thank you so much for all that you do. Thank you for sending the girls to me on Friday. This weekend was the best weekend that I’ve had in years and I was able to just spend time with my grand babies. I look forward to a very long relationship and I will refer your business to everyone I know. Thank you again, they did an amazing job and every surface in my home was cleaned.
— Pattie M. in Killeen, TX 2/2/16
****** cleaned my house today and I have to say she is awesome. She if very quiet and shy, but my house looks fabulous. The girls who come here always do a good job, but ****** takes the top grade. Everything looks perfect, I love her. If it is possible, she can come every time.
— Bobbie P. in Georgetown, TX 1/22/16
Ladies did a great job yesterday.. just a really nice touch that is highly noticeable; straightening couch cushions, fluffing pillows, and folding the throw blankets in the living room.
— Vicki H. in Georgetown, TX 1/11/16
Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the job the ladies did today. Thanks so much!
— Charlotte O. in Salado, TX 12/2/15
Tell the ladies they did a great job and I appreciate them.
— Jeanette S. in Georgetown, TX 11/19/15
The ladies did a wonderful job and were so pleasant. I plan to have them back.
— Pamela A. in Copperas Cove, TX 11/19/15
I am so happy, pleased, overjoyed. YIPPPEEEEE!!!! Your team did an outstanding job on the house today- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
— Alicia M. in Harker Heights, TX 11/16/15
Tonya, I just wanted to let you know that the young lady that cleaned my home yesterday did a top notch job. I’d like to request her every time in the future.
— Chelsea D. in Killeen, TX 11/11/15
My lady does an exceptional job and I’d like to request her weekly instead of bi-weekly.
— Jackie K. in Killeen, TX 11/2/15
Tonya, **** was terrific! I would like to sign up for every 2 weeks on Wednesday’s if she is available. Thank you.
— Lara I. in Killeen, TX 10/29/15
Hello! I was super happy with *******! Could I schedule her for my next appt?
— Emilee A. in Killeen, TX 10/26/15
The ladies just left my house....leaving it clean and shining. **** is a super sweet girl and always so accommodating. This was ********’s first day here and she was very nice. These girls come and WORK! They do a great job quickly. I was not certain about using a service because I have always had girls who were with me for years and felt like family. It is different with a service, but your girls have made it easy to adjust. I just wanted you to know that they do a good today it is all compliments!
— Bobbie P. in Georgetown, TX 10/16/15
My house has been really nice the past few weeks. Thank you!
— Danya R. in Harker Heights, TX 10/14/15
The ladies did a great job today! Can I get one of them for my moms house please?
— Vicki H. in Georgetown, TX 10/9/15
When can the team come back? My parents were pleased with their cleaning!
— Theresa C. in Killeen, TX 10/9/15
The house looked great! :)
— Holly M. in Temple, TX 10/9/15
Just wanted to let you know everything looks great!!
— Chelsea D. in Killeen, TX 10/9/15
They did a great job! Out of 5 stars I would give them a 10!
— Homeowner in Killeen, TX - 1/18/15
The were a couple of small redo areas, but overall did a fantastic job on a 3,100 sq ft house. Would definitely recommend this company.
— Cathy A. in Belton, TX 1/12/15
Professional, hard working staff. Always pleased with my home when they’ve finished. They are efficient, too!
— Homeowner in El Paso, TX 1/9/15
It being their first time to my home, basically they cleaned it pretty well. I pointed out some thing that were overlooked, but feel their next time, they will see these things themselves. They were very cordial about going back to clean the over sites. They worked consistently and didn’t waste time. I expect to rate everything higher next time.
— Linda S. in Killeen, TX
Fantastic service!! They did EVERYTHING! Cleaned the walls, baseboards, fans, blinds on top of regular cleaning. Very well worth the price. Staff was very sweet and professional!
— Jennifer H. in Harker Heights, TX 11/13/14
Great work
— Nikeya E. in Killeen, TX 7/25/14
They were very professional and quick! I would refer them to anyone!! They were also trustworthy, I’m a happy customer!
— Ann K. in Killeen, TX 6/18/14
Wonderful & trustworthy. Good job ladies :)
— Jodine A. in Harker Heights, TX 6/14/14
Great work and a great price. I highly recommend them.
— Sean B. in Copperas Cove, TX 4/24/14
They are great and I trust them.
— Mike M. in Temple, TX 4/8/14
One time barracks room cleaning. Passed a room inspection. Everything was cleaned, wiped down, and mopped too! They even cleaned all my dirty dishes and changed the sheets on my bed. Looking forward to the service every other week.
— Homeowner in Fort Hood, TX 3/20/14